It consists of international and national philosophy meetings in the ancient city of Assos, located on the North Aegean coast of Turkey, where Aristotle, one of the most significant philosophers in the history of philosophy, spent part of his life and taught philosophy. The meetings have been taking place on a regular basis each year since the year 2000. The participants are predominantly philosophy professors, instructors and students but there are also some regular participants from other disciplines. The speakers at these events are significant and leading academicians from various countries in the world, predominantly from Western Europe, North America and Turkey. The talks, presentations, discussions and dialogues are on issues in various areas of philosophy, such as epistemology, philosophy of science, ontology, ethics, political philosophy, aesthetics and the philosophy of language. The international summer meetings which last four days are in English, the national winter meetings which last two days are in Turkish. There are an average of three sessions each day. Each session consists of a one hour presentation followed by an hour of discussion and dialogue. The significant period of discussion and dialogue following each presentation is intended to overcome the speaker-listener dichotomy and create an atmosphere for mutual interaction and communication. The main principle is that what is thought, said and written is more significant than titles, that philosophy should not primarily be an object of a career, but instead it should be a matter of thinking, questioning, curiosity and passion. This, however, should not be confused with populist and misleading conceptions of philosophy. For more information on past and upcoming events see