Galata School of Philosophy is an activity which consists of basic and advanced educational seminars in philosophy. The seminars aim to explain the ideas and theories of philosophers in the history of philosophy and also to motivate philosophical creativity, philosophical questioning and critical thinking. The seminars are open to everyone who is interested. The seminars are conducted and taught by Professor Örsan K. Öymen. (B.S. and PhD. Middle East Technical University Department of Philosophy; M.A. New York University Department of Philosophy). Each seminar is limited to 20 participants. Duration of the programme is a minimum of 1 month and a maximum of 8 months. Seminar disciplines are: Introduction to Philosophy, Philosophy of Knowledge, Philosophy of Being, Philosophy of Morality, Philosophy of Politics, Philosophy of Religion, Philosophy of Art and Philosophy of Science. All seminars are in Turkish. For participation you must registar “on-line” via the “Contact” page on the web site After registration all necessary information and a confirmation message will be sent to your e-mail adress.